Fishing tourism in Norway

The Norwegian coastline is a paradise for tourists wishing to fish, but the weather can change quickly and the sea water is cold. A few simple precautions may save your life.

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  • Stricter curbs on contaminants will save lives

    • 19.06.2017
    • 12:34
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    Big cuts in the sulphur content of marine fuel oil recently adopted by the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) are set to have a significant impact on deaths from air pollution.

  • IMO puts autonomous ships on the agenda

    • 14.06.2017
    • 15:28
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    • Autonome fartøy

    Following an initiative by the Norwegian Maritime Authority, among others, the UN's maritime organisation IMO is now putting the issue of autonomous ships on the agenda.

  • Positioning the NMA for the future

    • 31.05.2017
    • 18:04
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    - We may not know exactly what the future holds for the maritime industry when it comes to alternative fuels and autonomy. But we know we want to be in a position to make Norwegian innovation into international standard, says Director General of the NMA, Mr. Olav Akselsen.